Practitioners: if you'd like to work with me to bring Angelica & Peony products to your patients, or have custom prescriptions or products you'd like to discuss, visit my Practitioner Page or contact me.


Treatment and Consultation: I provide a full range of primary care services as a Physician of Traditional Chinese Medicine, including herbalist consultations and individualized internal and topical herbal prescriptions, as well as acupuncture and nutritional and lifestyle counseling and support. I see patients as part of Energy Matters Acupuncture & Qigong in Oakland. Call 510.597.9923 or visit the website and click ‘Book Now’ to schedule a treatment.

The emphasis of my practice is on affirming, supportive and non-judgemental care that respects all bodies. I specialize in dermatology and skin care, stress-related illness, internal medicine and well-being.

Contact me for more information out how we can work together on your health!