Tranquil Palace Herbal Oil


Tranquil Palace Herbal Oil


The uterus is called a 'palace' in Chinese medicine - where the heavenly essence of life is stored, regulated and released. Tranquil Palace oil combines Chinese and Western pain relieving and hormone balancing ingredients to ease menstrual cramps, pain and other symptoms, bringing peace and calm to your Palace. Also effective for other complaints especially in the abdomen, due to indigestion, constipation or muscle pain

Massage onto the abdomen, low back or affected area, cover with gentle heat such as a hot water bottle; and breathe

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Ingredients: Dang gui and bai shao infused organic sesame oil, organic apricot kernel oil, organic evening primrose oil, essential oils of ginger, ylang ylang, bergamot, clary sage and geranium

Instructions: Massage onto abdomen, lower back and affected areas. After massage, hold hands over face and inhale and exhale slowly several times to maximize aromatherapy benefit. Apply gentle heat for best effect - heat lamp, hot water bottle or insulated electric heating pad.

TCM Indications: moves blood and qi, harmonizes the liver, tonifies blood and qi, stops pain, warms the uterus, calms the shen

Contraindications: Pregnancy, sesame, citrus or almond allergies. Use test patch on sensitive skin.

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