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My patients and I really like how it smells. Chinese herbs don’t often smell good but this is wonderful - the smell is very soothing which adds to the benefits, especially before/during menses. Sometimes women feel like life stops because of period cramps. I like that this is something that my patients can proactively use at home before/during their period to make themselves feel better.
— Denise Cicuto, L.Ac., Cicuto Acupuncture, San Francisco CA
I have been using Angelica & Peony products for many months now in my Acupuncture practice. Patients report tremendous relief from both the PMS and cramp oils - and the scents are just exquisite.
— Amanda B. L.Ac
great stuff...we love it!
— Elena Fiallo, L.Ac, Enspirit Wellness, Irvine CA
I treat women seeking help with fertility issues. So, they are always looking for products that are natural and won’t introduce unwanted substances to their system. Angelica & Peony [facial serums] fit that bill perfectly!
— Dr. Debbie Rodriguez, L.Ac, Heart of Healing Acupuncture

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This stuff flies off my shelves!
— Prajna Paramita Choudhury, L.Ac, Energy Matters. Oakland CA
My patient with severe hypochondriac pain loves [Swimming Dragon] While we’ve reduced her pain and flare-ups greatly using dietary changes and internal herbs - when she has a flare up, this oil gives her instant relief. It’s also very empowering for patients to have something on hand they can use as needed, and it’s a sweet way of caring for themselves when they are experiencing pain or discomfort. Self - massage is wonderful for emotional as well as its physical benefits.
— Prajna Paramita Choudhury, L.Ac, Energy Matters, Oakland CA
As soon as I put Swimming Dragon on my patient’s belly she [said] “I want this!”
— Denise Cicuto, L.Ac, Cicuto Acupuncture, San Francisco CA

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