Q: I’m more used to face creams than oils. Can you make your skin care recipes as creams or lotions instead?

A: A cream or lotion is made by adding water to oil, bound together with an emulsifier. It’s the same process as making mayonnaise. Just like mayonnaise, if you want a cream or lotion to last more than a few days, you must add preservatives. The addition of water gives molds and bacteria an easy way to get a foothold. There are some natural-ish and non-toxic preservatives on the market, but I prefer to avoid the whole problem by making and using facial serums instead. If you find that the serum is leaving your face greasy, you might be using too much, using it incorrectly, or using the wrong formulation.

Q: Help! My face is all greasy after applying my facial serum - why?

A: Most likely you are using too much on a dry face. The ingredients are very concentrated, and a little goes a long way. Shake the bottle, and drizzle a dime-sized dollop of oil into your damp hand. Rub your hands gently together and gently massage the oil onto your damp face. By making sure your face is damp, you dilute the oil and ensure an even, light application to your whole face. If you are not putting on your oil right out of the shower (that’s how I do it), then wet a washcloth with warm water and wipe your face with it first. That will leave the right amount of wetness to blend with the serum!

If you’re doing all that and still feeling greasy, you might be using the wrong formulation. Nourishing Facial Serum is full of heavy hitters for dry and thirsty skin. Switch to the 3-in-1 Serum which is generally compatible with all skin types. If you have naturally very oily skin, try using the Cleansing treatment with 3-in-1, rather than the Moisturizing, and steam most of the oil off.