Friday Roundup, June 10, 2016

What I've been reading, writing, thinking about and indulging in this week

Acupressure Jewelry from  KALÍ ZOË DESIGNS

Acupressure Jewelry from KALÍ ZOË DESIGNS

Travels with TCM: TCMTalk is all about travel this month, as both Denise and I had lots of traveling planned and wanted to share our TCM tips for making summer travel as healthy and easy as possible. Check out my scope about packing a herbal travel kit, and join us this coming Thursday for more info, including acupressure for jet lag and other travel woes.

Truth behind the blog: This honest and moving article from Danielle Walker of popular food blog Against All Grain reminds us that our social media idols are real people, and health challenges don't disappear because someone 'seems' to have it together on social media. 

"Jewelry with a Job": Colleague Jennifer Dubowsky (aka TCM007) introduced me to the Mudra - beautiful acupressure jewelry that stimulates Large Intestine 4, helpful for pain of all kinds. Fantastic!

Have a great weekend!

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