Friday Roundup, June 17, 2016

Even though I'm a passionate person and committed to a vision of a better world, I usually try and keep what I share through Angelica & Peony focused on the positive, on the uplifting, on the pleasure of natural beauty and self care - I strongly believe that that is also work for social justice. But I just couldn't do a boppy Friday roundup this week.

It doesn't really feel like there's been anything else going on for me this week that isn't overwhelmed by the horrible events in Orlando and the people murdered at the Pulse nightclub, followed by both the revolting spectacle of those who've been part of the persecution of our communities trying to make political hay out of our loss, and the simultaneous resistance, inspiration, connection and resilience that our communities and our allies have shown. 

As a practitioner of traditional medicine, I seek balance - and I know that balance is a process, not a destination. Events like the murders in Orlando are a graphic, horrible representation of the lack of balance in our world, of the lack of distribution of justice, of love, of respect, of a world that seeks to overcome its problems with violence, with suppression, with military might, with ideological purity, with unchecked growth. This is not healthy for individuals, and it is not healthy for communities, cultures or countries. On Monday I spent time in my herb lab, brewing up some floral salves, and soaking in the sweetness of flowers. The bounty of the earth is undiscriminating - the flowers offer their scent, fruits their sweetness, grains their goodness, for everyone, no matter who you are, or what you have done. The overflowing generosity of Mother Earth is used in many sacred texts to express the nature of God, and I am grateful I was able to take comfort in the flowers this week, and I pray that the fount of all healing and the source of all strength flows over the whole world, and into the heart of every person, the oppressors and the oppressed alike.

Denise and I scoped about specific techniques, herbs, essential oils and practices for helping cope with grief, shock and trauma on TCMTalk this week, you can check out that video here.

That's all I got. Lots of love. - Kirsten

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