Friday Roundup, May 20, 2016

What I've been reading, writing, thinking about and indulging in this week.

Podcasting about Pain: I'm super excited to have met Shelly Jackson, a coach who works with those living with chronic pain. Next week she's launching PAINIAC, the first ever podcast for mindful pain management. I've donated some A&P balms to a lucky listener, and I'm so happy that she's bringing this much needed resource into the world. Check out her website Peaceful Body Coaching, for more, and join the virtual launch party live on May 25 for inspiring, informative listening for people living with chronic pain or illness and the awesome people who love them.

The Story of Lead Poisoning: The Nightly Show on Comedy Central made this depressing yet hilarious and very informative short explaining how the US came to have a lead poisoning epidemic. Get your depressing history lesson with a side of laughs.

Jojoba Happiness: I LOVE jojoba oil. I quickly became a convert when I started making my own skin care products, and it's now a key ingredient in all my facial serums as well as hair oil. It's a skin and hair care superhero, and it's local too - I get mine from organic farmers in Arizona. This article and infographic lay out just what's so special about jojoba and why you should be using it from head to toe!

Have a great weekend!

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