Friday Roundup - Friday, March 4

What I've been reading, writing, thinking about and indulging in this week

this gorgeous peony pic captivated me this week

this gorgeous peony pic captivated me this week

OmmmZzzzzz: I tried out this Before Bed Yoga routine and it paid off right away. What a dreamy way to say goodnight.

Steamy Situation: I was introduced to Steamy Chick, bringing the healing tradition of 'V-steaming' to the American masses. I love her steamer chairs designed to convey herbal steam  to the vulva and vagina (the 'v' in v-steam!) and used for a wide range of gynecological issues, including heavy and painful periods. Denise and I will be talking about 'v-steaming' during this month's TCMTalks, celebrating Happy, Healthy Cycles all March.

Healing Sounds: I experience sound healing for the first time this week, with Erin Raber, sound healer and vocal coach. Wow! I knew that sound and voice have healing powers, but it was amazing to experience it so clearly during our session. If you're in the Bay, go see Erin, or look for a sound healer in your community.

Cabbage Borscht: I suspect it's not the most common craving, but this week I was dying for a flavour like that of the cabbage borscht at Toronto's United Bakers kosher dairy restaurant (only available on Fridays). This cabbage lentil soup given tartness with apple cider vinegar was a convincingly delicious substitute. Ess in gezunterhayt!

Have a great weekend!

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