Put your skin on a detox regimen - starting on your bathroom counter

Your skin needs a detox. Moisturizers, makeup, exfoliants, anti-perspirants, eye creams, body washes... the whole gamut of personal and beauty products that we happily pick up at the drugstore - or even the health food store, is populated by an unsavory cast of characters that are impacting your body even while they plump, hydrate, exfoliate or deodorize.  

The issue of dangerous ingredients in personal care products is one that's always resonated with me. It bothers me that these products primarily target women, affect our hormonal systems and cycles, as well as causing cancer, and often do all this by preying on self-hatred and unrealistic beauty standards. Break free! give your body and your spirit a break by lowering the toxic load on your body and detoxing your mind from social constructs of beauty!

You can read in-depth on this issue at Skin Deep - the database of skin care ingredients and safety produced by the Environmental Working Group. You can get active on this issue by visiting Breast Cancer Action, whose 'Poison Isn't Pretty' campaign aimed to stop the Personal Care Products Council from giving breast cancer survivors and those in treatment 'gift baskets' laden with cancer causing ingredients.

Here's my 4 step skin detox to give your bathroom this month. Denise Cicuto of Cicuto Acupuncture and I will be talking about natural skin care on TCM Talk all February, so join us on Periscope live on February 11 or 26, and comment here with any questions about non-toxic alternatives, your fave products or Chinese medicine and your skin! #getyourglow #tcmtalk

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