TCM Talk for February: Radiant, Natural Skin Care!

Did you know that the average woman in the industrialized world is directly exposed to hundreds of carcinogenic, hormone disrupting and skin and organ harming chemicals every day? With virtually no oversight, cosmetic and personal care companies, especially in the US, are able to use a toxic cocktail of ingredients in products that are applied directly to the body, where they immediately affect our whole systems.

There are alternatives! With savvy product choices, dietary changes, alternative treatments and big doses of self-love and acceptance, we can break out of the skin care toxin trap and get our glow naturally!

Join Denise Cicuto of Cicuto Acupuncture and I for TCM Talk, our Periscope channel where you can join us for live discussions, demos and Q&As, focusing all February on radiant, healthy skin, naturally.

On February 11 at 4 pm PST, we'll be talking about detoxing your skin care, showing you how to use natural daily routines to get beautiful skin without the junk, and how acupuncture and herbs can help tackle serious skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea and more.

On February 25 at 4 pm PST, we'll answer viewer mail about natural skin care, Chinese medicine for skin issues and whatever else you want to know - so please send questions! Comment here, ask on social media, or email

Find recordings of all our broadcasts, as well as links to everything we mention on the show, on our Pinterest Board,

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