Friday Roundup - February 12, 2016

What I've been reading, writing, thinking about and indulging in this week

This isn't Peseshet, we don't know what she looked like.

This isn't Peseshet, we don't know what she looked like.

Overseer of Female Physicians. That's the title held by a woman named Peseshet, who lived in Egypt in 2500 BCE. I learned about her and a bunch of other interesting facts about the history of medicine in this article.

Kicking out the chemicals. My colleague Denise and I declared February 'Holistic Skin Care month' and that's what we're talking about all month on TCMTalk. I spent a few hours reading through the horror show of chemicals that are found in virtually all conventional personal care products in the US (where our regulations are heinously lax compared to other countries.) If you want to know more check out The Story of Cosmetics, a great video by the Campaign for Safer Cosmetics and Annie Leonard, who created The Story of Stuff.

You are enough. Transitioning to natural, non-toxic skin care also means accepting ourselves, something dominant culture and advertising messages often work against! I got a big lift this week from this breezy but inspiring listicle on overcoming imposter syndrome.

Have a great weekend!

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