Friday Roundup - January 8, 2016

What I've been reading, writing, thinking about and indulging in this week!

It's a belated Friday roundup! I took a few weeks off from regular roundups during the holidays, but there's always so much interesting stuff to share, I'm back in the habit!

Cold Weather Salads: I've been eating a lot of veggies this week! Chinese medicine generally recommends cooking vegetables - most people find raw vegetables hard to digest, and cooking helps mitigate the GI distress a lot of folks have when they crank of the vegetable content of their diets. I wanted to make all the recipes in this article from the Kitchn (and check out an older blog post of mine for the beet salad I'm having for dinner!)

Essential Oils Implicated in Day Care Center Shut Down:  This news story has gotten a lot of attention! A day care center in Idaho called the fire department when toddlers and day care workers began showing signs of poisoning. Although it's not totally clear what happened, the center had been diffusing a popular oil blend with cinnamon for several hours in the unventilated space. Yikes! Check out my article on essential oil safety and the NAHA safety page for more on avoiding the serious side effects of misusing these powerful oils.

Random cool stuff: This incredible woodcut that took three years to create, this cooler than cool minimalist kampo (herbal medicine) clinic in Japan, and this hilarious bunny that I used to announce my El NiƱo sale on Hare + Bear Oils!

Have a great weekend!

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