New Year, New You! Periscoping with TCM Talk - Thursday January 14, 5 pm PST

My friend and colleague Denise of Cicuto Acupuncture and I have been enjoying the new live video social media network Periscope for months now. We scoped through the holidays and created a permanent Pinterest board where we collect links to everything we talk about and recommend in our scopes.

So much of the 'new year' talk is about hating on our bodies, our 'lack of willpower' the 'bad' foods we ate and how we're going to be renewed and purged of our health related sins in January. Yuck! That's not how we roll! We're both physicians of Traditional Chinese Medicine, healthcare practitioners with a truly HOLISTIC perspective - and that's the theme of our first 2016 broadcast: healthy changes without the self-hate. 

We'll be scoping on our brand new channel, TCMTalk! @tcm_talk on Periscope and twitter. Hope to see you, and please send in questions or topics you'd like us to cover in future episodes (we scope about 2x a month).

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