Friday Roundup - January 14, 2016

What I've been reading, writing, thinking about and indulging in this week.

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The Force Awakens. I'm a pretty big Star Wars fan. Seriously. I loved this article (with images!) by Colorado acupuncturist Albert Stern, about what Star Wars teaches us about acupuncture (and that quote from Obi-wan was my email signature for about 8 years.)

This herbalist isn't happy that women are seeking herbal abortions: In December I created a special limited edition product, LOVE Balm, as a response to violence against BlackLivesMatter protestors and at a Planned Parenthood clinic. I donated the proceeds of the balm to BlackLivesMatter and the National Network of Abortion Funds. I was reminded of how important the Fund's work is (and of the times I've been touched by this issue as a practitioner) when I read this alarming article about the number of women seeking herbal abortions because medical ones are inaccessible.

Don't get mad: take action! In another health scandal that disproportionately affects women, I learned from Breast Cancer Action that lymphedema, a common side effect of cancer treatment when lymph nodes are removed, is not covered by Medicare and many insurance plans. A lot of clients at Charlotte Maxwell Clinic deal with lymphedema, and the clinic is a great resource for patients and practitioners in understanding this frustrating and dangerous complication. It's scandalous that people can't access the treatments (simple things like compression garments!) that can keep it from progressing.  Email your representative and help prevent life-threatening complications BEFORE they happen.

Have a great weekend!

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