Friday Roundup - September 24

What I've been reading, writing, thinking about and indulging in this week.

Scrophularia nodosa : used for scrofula - hence the name.

Scrophularia nodosa: used for scrofula - hence the name.

Herbal History: I usually share some neat herbal history on #ThrowBackThursday. This week I lost myself in these gorgeous watercolours of herbs from a 16th century Italian materia medica, digitized by the British Museum. There's an amazing number of historic manuscripts of all kinds, including medicine, that are now available digitally. History herb nerds like me can glut ourselves!

Periscope! I'm officially hooked on Periscope! My friend Denise and I did one together, demonstrating how to use Angelica & Peony oils with moxibustion. Two of my faves to follow are Diane Sanfilippo, who scopes about paleo cooking, health, and entrepreneurial inspiration, and Jennifer Dubowsky, who scopes about acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and beautiful Chicago sunsets! The immediacy of interacting live is what is so fun about it.

Sale!! I'm getting all new labels, did I mention?! In order to clear my shelves for all-new goodies, I'm having a huge sale on current stock while it lasts. 25% off everything in my store until it sells out - you can still purchase new stock of everything at regular prices.  Regenerating and Nourishing Serums, Serenity Face Scrub, and Ginger Menthol Balm are all SOLD OUT so if you want to pick up something, do it now! Might I recommend Three-in-One Serum, or Ex Libris Balm?

Have a great weekend!


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