Friday Roundup!

Assorted things I've been reading, enjoying and indulging in this week.

Understanding PMS: I'm digging this infographic from acupuncturist Patricia Kowal who breaks it down for us. She's made a bunch of them that help explain Chinese Medicine concepts.

Fermenting Rebellion: I'm reading two great books on fermentation that I got from Berkeley Public Library (library love!) Cultured Foods for your Kitchen by Leda Scheintaub and Fermented Vegetables by Kirsten and Christopher Schockey. I was inspired by my recent success making kimchi style zucchini, and can't wait to ferment more!

Sandal Ready: I enjoyed a foot soak last night and made a sugar scrub like this one to give my feet some TLC and help them recover from walking in sandals for the last few months. Silky!

Have a great weekend!

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