Friday Roundup - August 21

We had some more super hot days here in the Bay - record breaking temps on several days, and that has influenced what I've been reading, writing, and thinking about!

Keeping Cool: I cracked into my Chinese Medicine bookshelf and wrote an article about SummerHeat - the pathogenic factor that Chinese Medicine sees in heat stroke, sun poisoning, heat prostration etc.  It's the illness of summer!

The materia medica includes a category of herbs that treat it, and I suggest some treatments for acupuncturists and folks at home.

Ayurvedic Beauty Tips: I've been re-reading Melanie Sach's Ayurvedic Beauty Care, and toning up my agni (digestive fire) by drinking water with fresh ginger steeped in it before meals. In Chinese medicine we might understand this as the clear yang energy that rises up to the head from properly digested food. There's no argument that what happens in your gut shows on your face! I especially like this quote: "It is agni that powers the mind to be intelligently disciplined to achieve inner beauty." 

Business Boot Camp: I 'powered my mind to be intelligently disciplined' this week mainlining Diane Sanfilippo's How to Build A Badass Business podcast. I have a major brand crush on Diane, who has created a social media empire around her book, Practical Paleo and her 21 Day Sugar Detox program (both of which are awesome).

Have a great weekend!


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