Friday Roundup!

Sinus Relief: We've had another week of warm days here in the Bay, alternating with cooler ones - the cool is a relief but the changing weather can bring its own problems. When zooming air pressure starts making me feel congested, I thank heaven for my NeilMed, which I love and am embarrassed to say find much easier to use than a regular neti pot!

photo from

photo from

Motherhood in China: I really enjoyed this longish article about Chinese practices of postpartum confinement (based in TCM theories about the need for after birth recovery), and how the current generation of Chinese women are both adapting and abandoning them.

Cooling Soup: And I spent a bunch of time reading through the archives of the Chinese Soup Lady. I love her site and she offers wonderful seasonal recipes using herbs. I especially want to try her Sugar Cane and Imperatae Drink!

Have a great weekend!

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