Miraculous Oils #8: Sesame

Happy Hanukah! I'm celebrating Hanukah, when one little jar of oil burned for 8 nights, by profiling my 8 favorite miracle oils! You can read the whole series here (or subscribe to my blog to get them delivered!) For the eighth and final night of Hanukah, let's meet:

Sesame oil!

It's fitting that I close this series on 8 miraculous oils with sesame, as it was the very first oil I began to work with, almost eight years ago! I was a newly licensed acupuncturist in Los Angeles, working closely with my friend and colleague Yamin Chehin of Healing Cycles. She introduced me to an oil made by an Ayurvedic practitioner she knew, a blend of oils slow cooked in sesame oil to produce a fragrant, amazingly healing blend. I loved it, my patients loved it, and I thought..."I bet I could create something like this using the herbs I work with from the Chinese materia medica." The very first infused healing oils that became Angelica & Peony were born in the kitchen of my LA apartment!

In both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, sesame oil is deeply moisturizing. Like all seeds and nuts, sesame has an affinity for the jing or constitutional level, part of my thinking in using it for my gynecological herbal oils, Swimming Dragon and Tranquil Palace. In Ayurveda it is calming to the Vata dosha, due to its heavy, grounding nature. This robust oil is a wonderful choice for massage, and is the base oil in my Warming Menthol Balm. Its energetic temperature is neutral to warm, making it complementary to the warming action of the balm.

You can use sesame oil straight on your skin if dry or irritated, for a luxurious massage, and in the bath during wintertime.

Happy Hanukah and thank you for learning about eight miraculous oils with me! Read the whole series here, and may your holiday season be filled with light!

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