Miraculous Oils #6: Evening Primrose

Happy Hanukah! I'm celebrating Hanukah, when one little jar of oil burned for 8 nights, by profiling my 8 favorite miracle oils! You can read the whole series here (or subscribe to my blog to get them delivered!) For the sixth night of Hanukah, let's meet:

Evening Primrose Oil.

Evening Primrose oil is somewhat of a rockstar in the world of oils. It's gained a lot of attention as a dietary supplement or herbal medicine, with both tradition and some studies recommending it for breast pain, hot flashes, premenstrual symptoms and endometriosis. It has high concentrations of gamma-linoleic acid, a fatty acid which is not found in that many sources. Midwives have traditionally used Evening Primrose oil both internally and topically to help soften the cervix and ease labor in women who are ready to give birth. Both the GLA and other fatty acids and antioxidants in Evening Primrose oil help it heal the skin when applied topically, repairing wounds and burns and benefiting skin conditions such as eczema  and psoriasis.

Evening Primrose oil is native to North America, and First Nations healers use it for water retention and fluid metabolism problems. The traditional and modern uses of the oil help me understand it in Chinese Medicine terms: it moves the blood, regulates the qi and benefits the breasts - for these reasons it's an ingredient in my two healing herbal oils for gynecological issues, Swimming Dragon and Tranquil Palace.

Happy Hanukah and tune in tomorrow for miracle oil #7, Wheat Germ!

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