Miraculous Oils #5: Sunflower

Happy Hanukah! I'm celebrating Hanukah, when one little jar of oil burned for 8 nights, by profiling my 8 favorite miracle oils! You can read the whole series here (or subscribe to my blog to get them delivered!) For the fifth night of Hanukah, let's meet:

Sunflower oil!

Sunflower oil is from the seeds of the sunflower. It's used as a food by many people, (including me, I use it half and half with olive oil to make mayonnaise) but is a great choice for herbal body care. It has very high levels of vitamin e, as well as fatty acids and phytochemicals that reduce inflammation, itching and dryness. (source). It's most prominent component, linoleic acid, has been shown to reduce and heal acne! (source). It is non-comedogenic, meaning it doesn't block pores. 

Sunflower oil is my main choice for infusing herbs for use in Angelica & Peony products. Unlike sesame oil (which we'll talk about in a few nights!), it has no odor or colour, so it is very versatile and allows the delicate scent of leafy herbs and especially flowers to come through. Infused with calendula blossoms, it's a key ingredient in Three-in-One Serum, Basic Balm and Ex Libris Balm, with ginger to make Ginger Menthol Balm, with goji berries to make lip butters, and with lavender, calendula and rose blossoms for my special LOVE Balm.

Happy Hanukah and join me tomorrow for the sixth night and the truly miraculous Evening Primrose oil!


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