Miraculous Oils #7: Wheat Germ Oil

Happy Hanukah! I'm celebrating Hanukah, when one little jar of oil burned for 8 nights, by profiling my 8 favorite miracle oils! You can read the whole series here (or subscribe to my blog to get them delivered!) For the seventh night of Hanukah, let's meet:

Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat Germ oil is an ultra-moisturizing, skin repairing powerhouse. It's packed with anti-oxidants, fatty acids and phytochemicals like carotenoids (vitamin A precursors), squalene, and ferulic acid. Ferulic acid is a "very effective anti-oxidant - more powerful than Vitamin E - that can prevent skin aging, reduce age spots, helps repair light and radiation induced damage. It penetrates skin to soften and moisturize, soothes wind chapped and sun burned skin, and reduces itching and inflammation." (source)

Wow right?! So why isn't wheat germ oil in every product? People who have wheat allergies should steer clear as it could trigger a reaction. It's also pretty comedogenic, so not suitable to folks susceptible to clogged pores. It has a short shelf life, so I keep it refrigerated until it is blended with other oils and essential oils that can offer it some preservative protection. Finally, wheat is extensively genetically modified, so my source (Mountain Rose Herbs) guarantees its wheat germ oil to be GMO free.

In Chinese medicine, wheat tonifies yin and qi and wheat germ oil's properties bear this out - moisturizing and repairing skin, but to be used sparingly by folks with damp and excess conditions.

Wheat germ oil is an ingredient in Angelica & Peony's Nourishing and Regenerating Facial Serums.

Happy Hanukah! Join me tomorrow for miraculous oil #8, sesame!

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