Friday Roundup: December 4

What I've been reading, writing, thinking about and indulging in this week.

There's never any shortage of awful things happening in the world. This week I decided to use my skills and my business to try to make a difference. Read about LOVE Balm and purchase some if you'd like to help me support Black Lives Matter and the National Network of Abortion Funds. (The first batch sold out in a few hours, but I'm making more!)

Positivity: Wow, I really appreciated reading this article about 9 good things that happened this week.

Getting Hairy: Since I started selling beard oil, I've gotten to know the world of beards in greater detail than I ever imagined! I enjoyed this myth-busting article about ridiculous things we heard about beards in 2015. No, they are not full of poop (but you should still wash your beard!)

Press for Emotional First Aid: AcuTake Health has a great series on acupressure. Their latest post is a timely one on Pericardium 8, a point that can relieve emotional distress. I like to do this with a friend and add a little healing acupressure to the comfort of holding hands.

And... Angelica & Peony's Healing Oils got a great review from Behind The Scenes Beauty, gift sets  have popped up in Southern California at Enspirit Wellness, and A&P is part of the new Bloom Box handmade botanical subscription box!  If you'd like to try some handmade skincare, healthcare and pampering, now's the time! Use code LOVERULES to get free shipping on everything in the store until December 18!

Have a great weekend!

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