Friday Roundup, November 6

What I'm reading, writing, thinking about and indulging in this week.

Err, so I definitely missed a roundup! I admit, the holiday sales season is kicking my butt! However, I've still been finding time to read and indulge a bit along the way.

Broadcast News: My friend Denise and I had a hoot doing a Hallowe'en 'Perispook' complete with witch hats! We'll do another mini one next Thursday November 12 , as we blend an alchemical aromatherapy oil designed to resonate with the energies of autumn and benefit the lungs. Links to broadcasts and everything we talk about is collected on Pinterest.

There are no 'bargain' essential oils!

There are no 'bargain' essential oils!

Sugar's problem isn't that it 'makes you fat': Health at Every Size advocates, food justice activists and regular health nuts have long known that QUALITY of food is what we need to be concerned about. This new study points at some Western understanding of why.

Essential Oil Adulteration: pure essential oils are expensive - they have to be. This (rather lively) discussion on the facebook page of Dr. Robert Pappas, a biochemist who tests essential oils, reveals what's really in 'bargain' essential oils sold at Walmart. Guess what? It's not what's listed on the bottle.

Have a great weekend!

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