Plant Profile: Geranium Essential Oil.

Geranium essential oil is one of my favourites, and an oil I have worked with for many years. Distilled from the flowers and leaves of pelargonium graveolens, it is a key ingredient in both Tranquil Palace and Swimming Dragon, as well as all my facial serums. And for good reason - essential oil of geranium is a multipurpose healer.

The round shape and delicate edges of the leaves of the geraniums in my garden always remind me of Lady's Mantle (which isn't related) - said to be called that because they resemble the cloak of the Virgin Mary, or the Mother Goddess. No doubt this association sticks in my mind because geranium is truly one of the most important oils for gynecological use. In Chinese Medicine, it has an affinity for the Heart, Liver and Kidney systems, and generates yin, while calming the mind and restoring circulation of energy. This makes it very useful for menstrual disorders, dry, mature or troubled skin, and stress, exhaustion and insomnia. This recent study from a maternity ward in Iran shows that sniffing geranium essential oil during labor significantly lowered the anxiety, as well as the blood pressure, of women having their first baby.

Geranium essential oil's message is "I give and receive love with ease." Good words for this time of year.

Geranium oil is generally very safe, but the same common sense cautions apply as for all essential oils.

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