Friday Roundup, November 13

What I've been reading, writing, thinking about and indulging in this week

This week has been a lot of getting ready for the Opal Street Center Holiday Fair tomorrow! I'm excited to meet and try the wares of all my fellow herbalists and makers. Check out the whole list here.

Chennai's Traditional Medicine Kits for Mums: Hospitals in Chennai, India are distributing 'kits' to expectant mothers, with herbal medicine and tonic foods for health during pregnancy and after birth. "Under the scheme, a woman who seeks medical care for pregnancy in a government hospital can opt for supportive care from a Siddha practitioner in the institution. The woman will be evaluated by the practitioner and provided a kit containing herbal tonics, tablets and in later stages of pregnancy and post-delivery oils for external application."

Behind the Scenes Beauty: This week I got to meet up with an awesome local talent - Amy Bobeda - a cosmetologist and theatre professional, Amy runs the Behind the Scenes Beauty Blog. As a sometimes scruffy herbalist who longs for perfectly groomed brows, I am digging her most recent article about how to get perfect brows on the cheap!

Have a great weekend!

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