Friday Roundup (on a Monday!) - October 26

What I've been reading, writing, thinking about and indulging in this week.

Last week was a blur getting ready for the Patchwork holiday show. Big thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hi, all the people who bought stuff, and all the amazing makers and vendors at the show. Craft Fairs are not the main way that I share Angelica & Peony products with the world. Many of my products, like healing oils and facial serums, are a personalized purchase and can benefit from some consultation. That's why I'm so excited to be part of the Opal Street Center Holiday Fair on Saturday, November 14 from 4-7 pm. I'll be joining a dozen other healer/herbalist/makers in the beautiful Opal Street Center, a healing space shared by TCM Physicians, psychotherapists, midwives and bodyworkers. I'll be doing a live demo and Q&A in the demo space at 5 pm. Please join us and invite your friends!

One of the things I take away from an event like Patchwork is my wonder and amazement at all the incredible people doing incredible things - DIY makers and vendors are so creative, industrious, dedicated and awesome!! I met and talked with some fabulous folk, including the genial geniuses behind Tassology Soap and my neighbor at the fair, Omonivie Okhade, whose breathtaking handmade jewelry is tula in bloom. When you shop from local makers, artisans and small businesses, you are using your hard earned dollars to help create a better world, sustaining communities and taking a stand for the one-of-a-kind. Thank you!

What else is going on? 

Chinese medicine has a global history: I loved this fascinating article about the history of cupping in Finland, where for centuries it has been part of the traditional healing practice of sauna. Check out the (slightly gruesome) pics.

Take your beauty standards and shove them! This Buzzfeed listicle about 'plus-size' women doing what people say they can't made me stand up and cheer.

Have a good cry! Did you know that having a cry can be good for you? If you're overdue for a sob session, do what I did this morning and listen to Adele's new song that has everyone in floods.

Coconut, is there anything you can't do?! Do you whip coconut cream? Why not!? I snagged a hand blender last week and made myself some of this creamy confection - served on top of mango for a no-sugar, healthy fat parfait that goes great with listening to Adele's new song :)

Have a great week!


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