5 secrets to an at-home spa night

Pampering yourself with natural and pleasurable treatments can be a fun and frugal delight! An at-home spa, with friends, a partner,  or on your own, should be SENSUAL - as in, cover all 5 senses for a truly immersive experience. You won't regret taking the time to truly give yourself tender loving care and a special evening.

1. SMELL: This is the one we think of most with a home spa - try lavender and peppermint oil in a foot bath, or an aromatherapy diffuser. Don't overload this sense - and enhance its impact with number 2...

2. SIGHT: beautiful items like fresh rose petals and a favourite scarf as your spa table throw are great - but try giving this overworked sense a break - use some Angelica & Peony 3-in-1 Serum and cover your whole face with a warm washcloth. Let your eyes rest and breathe.

3. SOUND: If you're on your own, try popping in some headphones for full immersion in some relaxing music - whatever that is for you; enya, whale songs, or some cool jazz. I'm a fan of the options in relaxing music on youtube - including guided meditations. Why not use the time your pampering yourself to pay some attention to your inner peace too? Check out The Honest Guys on youtube for some nice ones.

4. TASTE: Definitely don't forget this one! Depending on the weather, sip on some over the top spa themed flavored waters, or try some teas - a few goji berries in boiling water make a sweet (and beautifying) beverage.

5. TOUCH: Finally! If you're spa-ing with a friend, try giving each other hand massages. And while your footsies are soaking, get out one of the foot scrubs you've been given (we all have one!), or use plain sugar or sea salt, mixed with a little coconut oil. Wiggle those toes and fingers.

Spending loving time with your physical self is good for your health - inside and out. Spa-night is not a luxury! Enjoy!


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