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My patients and I really like how it smells. Chinese herbs don’t often smell good but this is wonderful - the smell is very soothing which adds to the benefits, especially before/during menses. Sometimes women feel like life stops because of period cramps. I like that this is something that my patients can proactively use at home before/during their period to make themselves feel better.
— Denise Cicuto, L.Ac., Cicuto Acupuncture, San Francisco CA
This stuff flies off my shelves!
— Prajna Paramita Choudhury, L.Ac, Energy Matters. Oakland CA
I have been using Angelica & Peony products for many months now in my Acupuncture practice. Patients report tremendous relief from both the PMS and cramp oils - and the scents are just exquisite.
— Amanda B. L.Ac
great stuff...we love it!
— Elena Fiallo, L.Ac, Enspirit Wellness, Irvine CA
I treat women seeking help with fertility issues. So, they are always looking for products that are natural and won’t introduce unwanted substances to their system. Angelica & Peony [facial serums] fit that bill perfectly!
— Dr. Debbie Rodriguez, L.Ac, Heart of Healing Acupuncture
As soon as I put Swimming Dragon on my patient’s belly she [said] “I want this!”
— Denise Cicuto, L.Ac, Cicuto Acupuncture, San Francisco CA

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Tranquil Palace Herbal Oil combines Chinese and Western pain relieving and hormone balancing ingredients to ease menstrual cramps, pain and other symptoms. Also effective for other complaints especially in the abdomen, due to indigestion, constipation or muscle pain. 

Swimming Dragon Herbal Oil combines Chinese herbs and essential oils to ease PMS, bloating and water retention, headaches, irritability and stress.

Angelica & Peony Facial Serums provide an alternative to lotions and creams that require preservatives, waxes and emulsifiers. With the oils in their liquid form, 100% of the ingredients in my facial serums bring benefit and healing to the skin, with absolutely no chemical or artificial ingredients.

Angelica & Peony Healing Balms offer 100% natural alternatives to conventional medical creams and pain relieving topicals, using the power of Chinese and Western herbs, aromatherapy and natural oils  

Angelica & Peony Skin Treatments enable your patients to access the power of traditional beautifying and therapeutic herbs for the skin, with no artificial or chemical ingredients, using herbs from the highest quality sources.

My patient with severe hypochondriac pain loves [Swimming Dragon] While we’ve reduced her pain and flare-ups greatly using dietary changes and internal herbs - when she has a flare up, this oil gives her instant relief. It’s also very empowering for patients to have something on hand they can use as needed, and it’s a sweet way of caring for themselves when they are experiencing pain or discomfort. Self - massage is wonderful for emotional as well as its physical benefits.
— Prajna Paramita Choudhury, L.Ac, Energy Matters, Oakland CA

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